My name’s Victoria, and I’m currently located in the DFW area working as a Marketing Communications Manager for a music licensing company called Musicbed. I love that every day I play a role in making dreams a reality! When I leave work I often go home and design some more, either for my freelance clients or for personal enjoyment.


Growing up, my three sisters and I didn’t attended traditional school. We learned at home through independent schooling, and I am grateful for that opportunity. To this day my mom is still the hardest teacher I’ve ever had! I hold Associate degrees in both Graphic Design and Theology, and am pursuing the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I’ve had experience in several job arenas, but some of my favorites were working for Apple as a trainer/technician and being a creative director at a local non-profit.
I’m passionate about music, media, and missions. I’m a classical pianist, self-taught guitarist, vocalist, and passionate worshipper. I fell in love with China and it’s culture when I was five and I’m always on the lookout for the next time I can travel there. There’s hardly spare time in my life because my time is filled with what I love. Loves include (but are not limited to) reading, designing, writing, drinking tea, creating music, and spending time with my family.


During my first trip to China I fell in love with two simple things: a little mountain village, and a bowl of noodles. When I returned from that trip I wanted to find ways to keep the love alive in my heart for that village. That’s how Village Noodle was born. It’s morphed many times since it’s 2008 beginning, but it’s core is the same:

v. : to improvise, experiment, or think creatively.

Village Noodle is my way of maintaining creativity in my life. A conglomeration of who I am, what I love, and what I get the privilege of creating for others… Village Noodle is my way of never forgetting that small things can make a big difference.